6608 Grigsby Place, Stockton, CA 95219

(209) 498-3480

6608 Grigsby Place, Stockton, CA 95219

(209) 498-3480


  • Bianca P.

    "My opinion this preschool is the best. They help me with my 3 children. They taught them many thing, how to write, recognizing letters, and all the basic and many more motor skills to prepared them for kindergarten. Highly recommend it. Teachers are awesome. They really make the kids feel safe and loved. You notice when the kids don't want to go home. Appreciate all the staff at Chiminike's Preschool Learning Center."

  • Esme R.

    "I love Chiminikes, simply the best daycare/school ever! They do so much for their children us parents here at Chiminikes are truly blessed. Not to exaggerate but my son exceedS cousins his age or even older academically. Chiminikes also cooks homemade food!! I am extremely blessed could not have asked for more. If you are searching for a school do not hesitate choose them, you will not be disappointed."

  • "My grandson attends this daycare and it is so clean, fresh food, open setting and they ALWAYS post pics and videos pretty much daily! They teach the kids in a school setting and went over and above for Easter with a bunny and pictures given to parents with only a donation asked. They are by far the BEST!! I work and I miss my grandson and can count on looking at their site when I can throughout the day and seeing my grandson interacting and learning! He will be ready for school for sure when the time comes and he is only a year old! "

  • "They are the sweetest, and I feel so comfortable leaving my daughter there. She's learning so much and she loves it. I was a bit worried because she's so attached to me that she wasn't going to adjust well, but she's quickly adjusted and loves it there, and they're all so nice. Always have great food for the kids and they post on Facebook daily so you can see what the kids are doing through out the day..They genuinely love the kids and love what they do. Best day care ever. "

  • Crystal H.

    "This is a great facility. We could not be happier with the staff, facility and program. They have an excellent balance between education and fun. The teachers care about the children. The food looks amazing, well balanced and is all fresh. "

  • Mayra F.

    "Best childcare EVER! We are very thankful. Not only do they pay very good attention to the kids, but they are very clean. They have been a major help in our sons education. We love them"

  • 2017-06-14

    "Excelente place"